Jaimz Deen

Introspective, socially conscience and outspoken – Jaimz Deen is prepared to unleash his own brand of message driven dark pop music. Born in South Philadelphia during the notorious crack era, he witnessed the decay of the times first hand. Watching both his parents become victims, it shaped the man – and the artist he was to become.

Emerging as an aspiring singer and songwriter in 2006 – It was in Washington DC where he began to seriously pursue music. After meeting VA based hip hop rock band The Five One, he entered the studio and together they started to create his sound. Immediately his inner pain, angst and childlike imagination became the spring board for his first recordings. It becomes immediately clear that his pursuits are more than a simple quest for mainstream stardom – he is on a mission to expose the inner workings of a man haunted by his own childhood demons – which his music openly reflects upon.

Inspired by the likes of Depeche Mode, The Smiths and Tears for Fears - Jaimz is part of a new generation of artists who represent an identity that defies the more conventional image of inner city life. Currently based in Brooklyn, Jaimz's first offering is the mini album Crisis Complex – A collection of surreal underground pop, set to the dystopian world of Jaimz's memories and imagination.

Jaimz offers a distinct point of view that sets him apart from the party dominated indie pop scene – while possessing a style and attitude that makes his messages easy to swallow. Posed to make a serious statement – Jaimz Deen may just be the quintessential urban antihero.