Don Edler

"What do we know about the universe, and how do we know it? Where did the universe come from, and where is it going? Did the universe have a beginning, and if so, what happened before then? What is the nature of time? Will it ever come to an end?"
-Stephen W. Hawking

There is a playful futility in my work. Stemming from a long-standing interest in cosmology and structural systems, my work deals with trying to understand the architecture(s) of the universe. My work owes its genesis to the fact that pure science has not been able to delineate the structures that define our universe or devise a satisfactory architecture to encompass the enormity of the sublime. As an Artist I investigate the structural systems that may never be known. I combine on-going research and exploration of contemporary physics with my own imaginations; creating works that exist outside of the strict confines of our physical world. My work aims to encourage a personal understanding of the universe and relies on intuitions and imaginations where measurements and mathematics have failed.

Although much of my work continues to be grounded on ideas I first developed while studying Physics and Cosmology, as my practice moves forward I have become interested in an ever-growing range of themes and subject matter. Recently my work has begun to focus on contextualizing the self within larger systems such as popular culture and the global economy.

i like to think about outer space