Christopher Garcia

"De Mente y Sangre"
My current body of work in ceramics deals almost exclusively with abstracted human, animal, and imaginary figures. I draw a lot from my experiences and observations of religion, Latin culture, and personal caricatures of my thoughts.

The subjects depicted are bound by earth; Trapped by the body and consciousness of being. The figures, writhe, struggle, but are trapped in a purely physical existence. The work is derived from the act of expressing emotion and raw thought into a physical entity.

First born of the mind, they take shape and an actual presence. Similar to the Tupilak figures of Greenland; All negative properties are embodied and then trapped into the sculpture.

The works speak of the duality of thought and flesh, and how people can be a victim or profiteer in the inner and outer workings of their own existence.

Garcia Christopher Arthur (Chris) (b. 1968). American ceramist making expressive figurative sculpture. After spending his childhood in Puerto Rico, Chris studied Writing and Art at Bennington College, Vermont, graduating with a BFA in 1990. He also studied at the University of Arizona earning an MFA in 1992. He has taught Art at Mississippi Valley State University, at Big Bend Community College, WA, and at Antioch College, Ohio. He is currently an Upper School art teacher at the Calhoun School, NYC. His artist-in-residencies include Altos de Chavon in the Dominican Republic, Burren College of Art in Ballyvaughan, Ireland in 2002, Pro Artibus in Ekenäs, Finland in 2005, Iceland in 2009, and Armenia in 2011. Chris has shown his work in solo and group exhibits in galleries and museums in the United States, Puerto Rico, Central America, Europe, The Dominican Republic, and Iceland.